FREE Phone Call Manager

Your Passport To A More Professional Telephone Service

FREE phone call manager and virtual phone system It is estimated that thousands of pounds of sales revenue is lost by businesses each year, due to unanswered or lost telephone calls. By utilising our powerful FREE Phone Call Manager solution, you can be sure that all your clients will never receive an engaged or busy signal and all your calls will be answered professionally.

Your virtual switchboard offers a wide range of highly effective call management options

Our simple to use virtual switchboard software offers a wide range of features that will benefit your business and will enable you to organise all of your inbound telephone calls far more efficiently and effectively. Our specialist virtual phone system is suitable for both small and large companies and can be used in a wide variety of different situations. Maybe you wish to present a more professional "big company" image, track responses to your advertising campaigns or simply improve your level of customer service. Whatever your requirements, our virtual phone system will provide you with a cost effective solution and up to two, dynamic Phone Call Manager telephone numbers completely FREE of charge!

60% of your website visitors will call you for more information

Industry statistics suggest that around 60% of customers who visit a website will subsequently telephone the company for further information and will ultimately purchase a product or service offline. Whilst website analytics software can provide data on the number of people visiting your site, it is not capable of tracking those customers that decide to call you for further information. Therefore these statistics do not provide accurate feedback on the true performance of your website. Our virtual telephone tracking software provides the missing link that will enable you to track the number of telephone calls you receive from your website. This important feature is a standard part of our FREE Phone Call Manager package.

With thousands of business users in the UK, our FREE virtual phone system includes:

  • Up to two 084 numbers supplied totally FREE of charge
  • FREE virtual phone system set up
  • FREE virtual switchboard organiser
  • No monthly rental charge
  • Facility to re-direct your telephone calls to different landline or mobile numbers
  • There is no charge to connect your calls to a UK land line. Calls diverted to mobile numbers cost just 12p, around half of the per minutes amount that BT charge!
  • Facility during busy periods to queue client calls. "Call Whisper" facility to identify which tele phone number is being called
  • Wide selection of "music on hold" options to choose from
  • Voicemail messages sent to you by email and telephone
  • Track your marketing by using a unique virtual telephone number on each advertisement
  • Track visitors from your website and integrate data into Google Analytics reports
FREE virtual switchboard and virtual telephone service

Please visit our Virtual Switchboard Features page for further information on the range of options available with your FREE virtual telephone service. Alternatively Contact Us if you would like further information.

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