Your FREE Phone Call Manager Features

Professional Phone Call Manager ServiceOur FREE call management software has many powerful features that will benefit your business. With over 20,000 companies and home workers already using this service, you can rest assured that we are capable of delivering a robust and reliable phone call manager solution. We can help you create a more professional image and national presence for your company, handle your inbound telephone calls more effectively, monitor responses and customer conversions from your marketing campaigns, all for FREE!

Call Queuing Manager

If you only have a limited number of telephone lines into your office you can set up our call management software to automatically queue your inbound calls and put them through to you as soon as a line becomes free. In effect, this increases the number of telephone lines available to you, which is especially useful at busy times of the day. Your customerswill never hear an engaged tone and you will never miss a call!

Call Divert Manager

Our virtual phone number service will allow you to divert your telephone calls instantly to an alternative number, either permanently, just for a day, a week or even an hour! In a disaster recovery situation you can re-route all your telephone calls to an alternative location in seconds and continue to conduct business.

Follow Me Manager

FREE Virtual Phone NumberYou can configure our call management software to automatically call up to five different telephone numbers, in a specific order. For example, you could set up the Follow Me feature to automatically call your primary business number first, then your mobile phone* and then your home number. This powerful feature will ensure that you will never miss an important call again.

*Calls diverted to mobile telephones are charged at 12 pence per minute and covers the cost levied by the mobile phone networks.

Call Distribution Manager

If you work from more than one location, or your company has multiple offices or employees working from home, our FREE Phone Call Manager service can automatically distribute your telephone calls to a maximum of three specified landline telephone numbers, free of charge, regardless of their geographic location within the UK. This feature allows your inbound calls to be answered by the first available operator.

Line Identification Manager

Each virtual phone number number can be configured for a different purpose, for example sales, administration or support. When a call is answered you will hear a short message which will identify the type of call for example, "this is a sales call" or "you have a support call. This allows you to personalise the way in which you greet each caller.

Missed Call Manager

Our call management software will automatically record the phone number of every caller, when available. If the caller has been on hold for more than two minutes, or is calling your business out of hours, our virtual phone number service will offer the caller the option to leave a voicemail message. The message will then be emailed to you in seconds. This feature makes it very easy for you to listen, forward and store your messages.

Should a caller hang up when they are on hold, we will also send their phone number to your email address immediately, so you can call them back.

For a small additional fee it is also possible to receive your missed call alerts via SMS text messaging, direct to your mobile phone. SMS missed call alerts are really useful if you are out of the office for the day or are called away at short notice. SMS missed call credits can be purchased via your control panel, once you are logged into your account.

Music On Hold Manager

Phone Call Manager allows you to choose from a wide selection of royalty free, "Music On Hold" genres including, Michael Jackson, Abba, Christmas, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Swing and much more. Your personal choice of music can be easily configured via your control panel.

Customised Greetings Manager

our call manager software allows you to quickly record a customer greeting, or an out of hours message, that confirms your opening times and or an emergency contact number. Alternatively you can choose from a wide range of pre-recorded greetings.

Call Statistics Manager

FREE Call Management SoftwareOur call management software enables you to monitor and analyse each virtual phone number under your account. Compare telephone number statistics, unanswered calls, and track your advertising, to understand which adverts work and which adverts are wasting your money!

It is also possible to integrate your Phone Call Manager statistics with Google Analytics, to enable you to analyse all of your phone call and internet traffic in one place. Click Here for more information on how to set up Google Analytics Integration.

Control Panel Manager

Our virtual phone number software provides access to a simple web based control panel that will enable you to easily configure our service to your specific requirements. You can update your settings as often as required and all changes are effective instantly. The control panel is very easy to use. However our customer service desk is manned 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, should you require assistance with your chosen settings.

Phone Call Manager is available at no additional cost to your business. There is no set up or monthly rental fee and no increase in your phone charges. Our virtual phone number service is Guaranteed 100% FREE for small businesses, sole traders or home workers based in the UK, with less than 50 employees.

We offer you two unique 084, non geographical, telephone numbers completely free of charge and additional numbers are available for a small monthly fee. Optional extras are available for an additional fee, such as SMS missed call text messaging or professionally recorded answer phone messages.

By using our call management software you will never need to change your business telephone number again, no matter what part of the UK your business moves to.

Sign Up today, lock in your preferred numbers now and achieve a big company feel with big company features for FREE!

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