Your FREE Phone Call Manager Guarantee

Professional Phone Call Manager Service Our Phone Call Manager service is guaranteed to be FREE for life, no catches, no commitment and provides instant activation.

We guarantee that our call management system and call tracking software will be offered to you, absolutely free of charge, apart from the cost of diverting calls to a mobile telephone. There are no hidden charges, no difficult to cancel 30 day trials, no monthly rental costs, no effect on your phone bill and no minimum contract periods.

We will provide you with up to two FREE 084 telephone numbers connected to our powerful call tracking software platform. We guarantee that all calls received on these numbers will be delivered to your choice of UK landline numbers at no cost to you, or alternatively can be diverted to a mobile telephone number at the cost stated below.

How can you afford to provide your call management system for FREE?

Free Call Management System This is a question we are asked on a regular basis and the answer is very simple.

We receive a small amount for each minute a customer connects to your unique Phone Call Manager number. There are currently, well over 20,000 registered customers using this service, which enables us to achieve economies of scale and cover the cost of diverting the calls to your specific landline telephone number, free of charge.

Note that we are forced to charge for calls diverted to mobile telephones. This is currently charged at 12 pence per minute and covers the costs levied by the mobile network operators. This is around 50% lower than the current cost charged by BT to divert calls to a mobile.

By using our call tracking software, your customers will also benefit from reduced call charges

Your customers calling you will also benefit from reduced call charges, as they will pay a call charge that is around 40% cheaper than the standard BT UK national call rate. Therefore it is a win win service for everybody.

Free Call Tracking Software All we ask in return is that your unique Phone Call Manager numbers receive calls on a regular basis. Your call tracking software account will be monitored and if there has been no calls, to your numbers for 50 consecutive days, we will contact you to see if we can take it back, to offer to other customers.

We are certainly not a faceless organisation and we want you to be absolutely satisfied with our service. If you have any questions please Contact Us or call us during normal business hours.

Over 80% of our new customers are referrals or recommendations from our existing customers, we think that speaks volumes for the quality of service we provide.

So why not Sign Up for your FREE call management system today and join the thousands of customers that are already benefiting from our professional call tracking software.

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