Fax To Email Services

Fax To Email Services - Online Fax Service - Virtual Fax For an optional extra of just £4.97 per month, we believe that our online fax service is the best value in the UK. Dedicated fax To email numbers are now available to all our existing customers and are very simple to use via our virtual fax service.

Our fax To email services offer extremely useful and practical advantages over a normal fax machine and remain a cost effective alternative to maintaining a dedicated fax machine.

Affordable, reliable and secure fax to email services

  • Receive all your faxes as email attachments
  • Faxes are received direct to your inbox, not a general office fax that everyone can see!
  • Faxes can be saved on your computer and you can manage and forward your faxes, just like any email

Our online fax service will save you money and helps conserve the environment

  • Paperless faxing saves you money and helps to conserve trees!
  • No need to purchase a separate fax machine or additional telephone line
  • Save on phone bills, expensive fax paper or toner
  • Save on power consumed by a standalone fax machine

Extremely practical and useful virtual fax service

  • Dedicated 084 fax number, connected to our powerful fax server
  • Manage your faxes on line, using the same log in details as your primary Phone Call Manager account
  • Give individual faxes descriptions to help you identify them
  • Easily delete unwanted faxes
  • Faxes are received in PDF format, which are easy to read from any PC
  • Your faxes can also be read from any Blackberry, Apple I-Phone or other type of Smartphone
  • No lost or misplaced faxes, no busy signals and no tied-up phone lines
  • Faxes can be viewed online for 90 days
  • No limit on usage, receive as many faxes as you need!
  • Our virtual fax service is always on, always ready - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Our fax To email services are only available to our existing customers. Sign Up for your FREE Phone Call Manager account now!

Once you have signed up, you will be able to purchase our online fax service by clicking on the "Upgrades" tab at the top of the page, after you have logged in to your account.

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